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Some words about

                      JAG Patent Office



JAG-Patents is an IP office founded and owned by Dr. Jonah Gavrieli, an Israeli patent attorney since 2009.

The office is located in Kiryat Tivon, in northern Israel, and deals with an array of patent-application topics as well as with trademarks and design-patents applications.   

The office has experience in dealing with a wide range of patent applications in topics such as: medical devices, environmental protection devices, energy conservation devices, toys and home utilities.


JAG-Patents emphasizes individual customer-care given to each patent applicant. Un-like the wholesale approach given to customers of  large IP offices in which customers do not personally know who deals with their application, in JAG-Patents, the customer takes part and is actively involved in the application process together with Dr. Gavrieli. The involvement of the customers assures that the patent application is exactly what the applicant had in mind when applying for his or her patent.


JAP Patents has experience in filing patents for Technological Incubators startup companies – an essential step in the acceptance process to any Incubator.

JAG Patents is  (also) active in Israel and operates abroad via colleagues in the major industrial countries in the registration of trademarks and design-patents.


You are invited to become a JPA-Patents client.

                            You will be happy with your choice.

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